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Cash for Gold is your source to help you find reputable  cash for gold stores.  Whether you're interested in getting cash for gold jewelry, gold coins or scrap gold, can help you find reputable  cash for gold locations where you can get more cash.  Enter your zip code in our store finder to search for and compare cash for gold stores near you.

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Cash for Gold Tips:

1) Avoid Mail-in Companies and Gold Parties.  Don't mail your valuables  to anybody. Cash for gold companies that require you to mail your gold often pay far, far less than local gold stores.  While reputable cash for gold stores will give you a free appraisal and pay you cash on the spot, mail-in companies often require waiting weeks to receive a quote and longer to receive your money.  Gold parties and temporary operations have little incentive to treat you fairly.  After all, they won’t be around very long and don’t have a reputation to protect once they’re gone. 

2) Find Reputable Local Stores that Offer Cash for Gold.  Reputation is important for local cash for gold stores.  They are incented to treat you fairly because they want to earn your repeat business and generate positive word of mouth business in the community.  These are often the best places to sell gold.

3) Do Your Homework. Know what your gold is worth. This includes knowing what karat your items are and how much they weigh. Knowing the karat and weight of your gold will allow you to calculate the melt value of your items and will give you an idea of how much money you can expect. Also, do not let cash for gold stores weigh different karat items together.  Make sure your gold is separated karat.  Remember, the higher the karat, the higher the gold purity.

4) Know the Current Market Price of Gold.  Prices fluctuate daily and by the minute. There are many places online such as, where one can check the current market prices. Arm yourself with this knowledge so that you can sell your precious metals when prices are highest.

5) Be Reasonable. Understand that no cash for gold store will offer you the melt value for your items. Gold buyers typically sell the gold they purchase from customers to refiners for a percentage of the melt value. And even they do not receive the full COMEX spot price.  In order to remain profitable, most gold buyers will offer you somewhere between 40%-70% of the final value. It is important to keep this in mind and not expect the full melt value for your items as you shop around. After all, cash for gold companies have to pay rent, employees and many other overhead expenses in order to make it possible to purchase your items.

6) Ask About Testing Procedures. There are two common types of testing procedures: 1.) Acid Testing.  2.) Electronic Testing.  Acid testing is the most reliable and accurate form of testing.  Electronic testers are often inaccurate and can misidentify the karat value of gold. This can result in getting a lower valuation for your jewelry than you deserve.  The use of acid testing will help assure that you're getting a fair appraisal for your items.

7) Shop Around. If you’re not sure you are getting a good offer, check prices at a few cash for gold locations.  Since most places that buy precious metals will offer you 45% - 65% of the melt value it is important to shop around to get another opinion when deciding who to sell your gold to.

8) Try Negotiating. If you feel your items are worth more than you’ve been offered, don't be afraid to negotiate a little bit.  You will never know if you don't ask. Many gold buyers are willing to negotiate. The more gold you have, the better negotiating position you are in.  Don't hesitate to mention you have shopped around and use your previous quotes as a starting point.